Welcome to the website for Dragon’s Keep Gaming and Miniatures. You will notice that many of our links don’t work yet. We apologize for that and if you know a good reliable wordpress site builder please send them our way to

In the meantime heres the story so far. We got the idea to create an All-ages Tabletop gaming and miniatures crafting store here in Portland when we couldn’t find a D&D game to play in. We actually didn’t expect to find a location but we did! So we have been working since August 1st to create a fun inclusive gaming space with a limited liquor license.

After a lot of work we decided to go ahead and open on November 15th – which was really too early because we don’t have the liquor license yet and we don’t have a lot of the stock BUT we do have dice, a pretty decent board game library and lots of nice places to sit and play.

The community has been wonderful and we have sold some games, table rentals, dice, snacks, and sodas as we continue to work on the space and get in more stock. However it’s been pretty quiet what with all the holidays and cold dark nights so we will be limiting our hours this month (December 2019).

In January we will have our Grand Opening and will be ready to serve ale, wine, mead, and cider in addition to sodas, juice, tea, coffee, and hot chocolate. As well as lots of yummy snacks.

In the meantime please feel free to come by and say hi during our limited hours or contact us for an appointment. 🙂