Trading Post

Dragon’s Keep offers a variety of provisions, adventurers for hire, classes in the dark arts, trinkets, and spellbooks. This page will give you a taste of the offerings, but we strive to be a source for in-person sales. If you seek to buy these wondrous items, you must make the trek to our doorstep! Below are the going rates for common items. Rare and magical items’ prices will vary. (Page under construction, check back for up to date info)

Food and Beverages

We offer a rotating selection of beers and ciders ($5/pint), wine and mead ($3/glass) as well as non-alcoholic beverages. In partnership with our neighbors at Secret Pizza Society, we offer their menu of tasty vegetarian and vegan pizzas brought right to your table, plus other snacks to keep you fueled up for adventure.

Reserve a Table

Table space is available for rent by the hour.

Table space is $5.00 per table per hour for the group plus one purchase of beverage or snack per person

Hire a DM

Dungeon Masters for hire, which includes table space.

$10.00 per person per hour (reserved in advance) plus one beverage minimum per session.

Take a TTRPG Class

Rates on classes will vary, as will scheduling. Looking for something specific? Tell us.

Buy Minis & Gaming / Crafting Materials

Our store carries a wide selection of high quality and high value gaming supplies, as well as crafting materials for immersive to-scale 3D environments. See our full selection of dice, books, playmats and more by stopping in sometime!